Inspiring Humility – Some Weekend Reads

I guess you could say I’m an analytical thinker. It seems to show up in every personality test I take. It spills into my life as an engineer, a manager, a parent, an outdoorsman, a woodworker. I tend to look at the world in terms of steps. What step comes first? Second? What are the most important steps? What are the major roadblocks and pitfalls?

When it comes to spiritual growth, I’ve learned that probably the most important step to growing in God’s grace is eliminating pride and practicing humility. I’ve found time and time again in my own life that when I not only recognize my pride, but also confess it and forsake it, a huge barrier has been lifted. Life becomes simpler. My goals more focused. My next steps, clearer. My relationships thrive. My walk with God becomes more intimate.

Somehow we all need to see this. Be reminded of this. I hope you will find some time this weekend to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and read (or view) one or all of the following articles and messages about dealing with pride.

Killin’ It by Andy Stanley (North Point Church) A series of three messages on killing pride. Andy has a unique way of presenting God’s word and in very simple terms.

21 Benefits of Owning Less by Joshua Becker How easy it is for us to attach pride to what we own. How much we own. For several weeks now I’ve been following Joshua Becker’s blog Becoming Minimalist. This article spells out several benefits to becoming a minimalist. And he explains on his blog what minimalism means.

John Was Not the Light, But a Witness to the Light by John Piper. A great message from the thoughtful and insightful John Piper. A new perspective on John the Baptist and what it means for us.

Are You Humble Enough to Be Care-Free? Another great article from John Piper. He shows us how pride can be a major root of our anxieties.

Paradigms and the 7 Habits by Dr. Victoria Buenger. Okay, this article is not specifically about pride, but I thought it was important because moving from pride to humility requires a huge paradigm shift. As I said before, first you have to see the pride in your life. Then you can move in the direction of humility.

The Problem With Pride by Adrian Rogers. A short and to-the-point article about pride by the late, great Adrian Rogers.

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