Freelance Writing

Thank you for visiting my page! I am always looking for new writing gigs, and I’m open to guest post opportunities. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your next project or any ideas you have in mind.

My Writing Background

I am an engineer by trade (25 years). So, with my full-time job, I get involved with several technical writing projects–training manuals, video scripts, newsletters, and power points.

Though I have a technical background, I also enjoy creative writing, both non-fiction and fiction. I maintain two blogs: Trails of Life and Four Oaks Crafts. You can read posts from both blogs to get a sampling of my writing style.

I’ve self-published a novel, The Guide, and I’ve written and published a few short stories. One of my stories, But It Worked For King Solomon, placed in the best fifty original short-short stories from “The Story” Writing Contest, which was hosted by Karen Kingsury’s FamilyFiction Magazine. Those fifty stories were then published in The Story 2014 Anthology.

I also regularly write articles for the Sixthday Sportsman Magazine, a magazine for Christian Sportsmen. For this magazine, I write devotionals and poetry.

On my Four Oaks Crafts site, I love to write how-to articles, tutorials, and helpful tips for crafters and woodworkers.

My Areas of Focus

By default, I view the world through a Christian lens, and that often shows in my writing. That doesn’t mean that I always write about religion or my Christian faith. I can get out of the box—but stay true to my faith.

Here are my areas of interest:

Faith-based devotionals
Spiritual growth & discipleship
Personal & professional growth
Short-story fiction
Outdoor pursuits and travel
Crafting and woodworking
Book reviews
Training materials (technical or non-technical)

Thanks again for checking out my page! Please use the contact link to get in touch. I look forward to helping you with your writing needs!

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