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The Bible – History Channel Series

I don’t know if any of you watched the first episode of The Bible on the History Channel last night. I thought it was great! It’s a 10-part series and will run through Easter. This is not a traditional documentary … Continue reading

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Bigfoot and the Battle of Hiccup Creek

Cannon balls collided with tree trunks, shattering them and sending splinters in all directions. Occasional bullets whistled overhead, and fist-sized rocks streamed in from an unknown source. Whole sections of the forest were now set ablaze. Only four feet wide, … Continue reading

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Thankful for Our Nation

Thanksgiving is upon us, and I’m looking forward to some time off to be with my family. It’s also a great time to reflect on the many things for which I’m thankful. A couple of things have happened this week … Continue reading

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Ghost Stories, Civil War Forts, Old Churches and Paula Deen

My writing time was cut short this past week.  Enduring the “knock-you-down” heat, I’ve been spending the last few days in Savannah, Georgia.  Over the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of hosting and facilitating an engineering summer camp … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Family History Alive

I love to study my family’s history.  It all started when I discovered the dilapidated photo of my great-great grandfather Britton (see below) who was a private in the Civil War.  I also discovered a booklet written by a great-great … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Origins – Thinking Back on some Extraordinary Outdoorsmen

I recently came across a two-part interview with Reverend Peter Marshall concerning the origins of Thanksgiving.  He talks about how God intervened in the Pilgrims’ lives and how the Indians helped them recover from the harsh winter.  In the interviews, … Continue reading

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Lewis and Clark Girandoni Air Rifle

If you ever get a chance to read Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, you will notice several references to the air rifle.  With this unique gun, Lewis & Clark would astound the American Indians.  Check out this video to learn … Continue reading

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Undaunted Courage – A Book Review

Climb aboard the historic canoes of this country’s two greatest explorers and experience their journey up the Missouri River, over the Great Divide and to the Pacific Ocean.  Stephen Ambrose has written a wonderful book—Undaunted Courage—about the journeys of Lewis … Continue reading

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Metal Detecting 101

The Tesoro coil zipped back and forth over the freshly plowed field.  The silence was suddenly broken by several distinct beeps.  Found something!  The army shovel easily dug into the soil.  My excitement grew.  As I sifted through the dark … Continue reading

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Stepping Back in Time ….

This past Saturday, my son and I witnessed the day-to-day lifestyle of pre-1840’s pioneers and mountain men.  Men and women walked around in period garb, demonstrating the skills of that era.  We watched demonstrations on candle making, blacksmithing, Dutch oven … Continue reading

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