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5 Fishing Tips for Bloggers

What if I told you that fishing just might reveal some important tips to becoming a better blogger? Or another way of looking at it—a more fulfilled blogger. Allow me to reel in my core idea right from the very … Continue reading

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Daily Writing Tips Resource

I have a confession to make: My favorite part about writing is not the actual writing. Wow, I’m glad I got that off my chest. What really gets me excited is sharing a moving, entertaining story or communicating a principle … Continue reading

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Why Do You Do It?

A great talk by Simon Sinek on how leaders inspire. This made me think about my blog and other areas of my life. Am I focusing too much on my blog’s results or plan? Do others really get why I … Continue reading

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180 Ways to Walk the Customer Service Talk

Who are your customers? How is your customer service? In my day job, I serve customers every day, some external and many internal. My monthly paycheck ultimately comes from my customers. My employer just handles the money. But I believe … Continue reading

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7 Helpful Websites for Bloggers and Writers

I don’t know about you, but for me writing–great writing–doesn’t come easy. I will take all the help and feedback I can get. And we all should if we want our writing to influence and provide value. I’ve been reading … Continue reading

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My Mid-Year Review

It’s that time of the year everyone!  Aren’t you excited!  Around the months of July and August, many of us participate in that little discussion called a mid-year review. My boss just finished mine, and I’m in the process of … Continue reading

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How Are You Reading This Summer?

As a writer, I try to deliver good content and express my thoughts in ways that serve others.  Given today’s technology, I must also think about the audience’s reading habits. I’ve often thought people just don’t read anymore.  The truth … Continue reading

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Blogging Advice from Michael Hyatt

For a little over a year I’ve curiously followed Michael Hyatt’s blog.  Hyatt is the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  His blog focuses on leadership, productivity, publishing, blogging and social media.  I’ve been able to harvest so many informational tidbits … Continue reading

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Recapping 2011

Thanks so much for following my blog in 2011.  Hard to believe this will be my 110th post.  I continue to change up my blog, to improve the content and to create topics relevant to you, the reader.  The challenge … Continue reading

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