The A.C.T.S. Acrostic

My pastor recently finished a series of sermons about God’s Word–how we originally got it, how it was translated from the past to the present, and how we get it from our heads and into our hearts.

In the last sermon he describes God’s Word as the living Word. It’s living because God’s Spirit comes to our aid and helps us discern how to use the Word for our modern-day concerns and decision making.

The Bible is not immune to the need for interpretation. I for one want to know how is what I’m reading relevant to my life and how is it relevant to what God is doing in the culture today. And so we need God’s help, either through the Spirit directly or Spirit-led leaders. Therefore, we should take Bible study seriously and be careful which leaders we listen to. Above all, think for yourself, and don’t let others do the thinking for you.

My pastor ended his sermon by giving us a helpful acrostic as pictured above. This should be useful every time you read the Bible and expect God’s Spirit to direct you and speak into your life. This acrostic gives you a way to focus and actively read your Bible.

Hopefully it goes without saying that we must approach God’s Word through prayer. Though not stated specifically in the acrostic, prayer does shape the first item–attitude.

How about you? How do you keep your mind focused on God’s Word and actively read it, as apposed to passively?

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