Bible Fluency — The Challenges

Being a believer now for many years, my respect for the Bible has grown and grown. But I can also understand why unbelievers, seekers, and those new to the faith often struggle with what the Bible has to say. So much of it is still a mystery, and we, as believers, place an unnecessary burden on ourselves to try an understand every aspect of it, and to interpret answers or create responses for every question society or culture delivers us.

This morning I was reading from the BibleGateway Blog, and thought I would share an article called Ten Obstacles That Get In The Way Of Bible Fluency. This article spotlights Diane Jacobson who is professor of Old Testament and director of ELCA’s Book of Faith initiative.

Jacobson offers the following ten obstacles that interfere with our Bible fluency. You might want to step back and read this because people you are ministering to in groups or individually are probably going through these struggles. I encourage you to go back and read this at the original source for a fuller explanation.

  • Shame
  • Busy-ness
  • Reading the Bible can be scary
  • The violence
  • Inconsistencies in the Bible
  • Bad history with the Bible
  • Perceived irrelavance
  • The assumption of literalism
  • Our secular culture of individualism and entertainment
  • The Bible is for the experts
  • As I’ve said before in other posts, I don’t think our job as teachers or leaders is to turn people into Bible scholars. But we do want them to engage with the Bible so God’s light can bring about transformation. Transformation will be slow to happen if people are afraid of or distrusting of the Bible.

    How about you? Do you see some of these obstacles in your own life or with those you disciple? What are some ways we can tackle these challenges?

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