Building Mountains – A Truth Story


My name is Emily Harris, and I want to thank Scott for allowing me to say a few words about my truth story. I will say, he did a great job capturing the essence of my past struggles in only 13 pages. No need to stretch things out into a long novel. There’s nothing special or unique about me or my past experiences. You could say that my story just represents what many young women have faced or are facing: whether or not to go through with an unexpected–or unwanted–pregnancy.

Even now, as I watch my daughter Haley playing on the playscape, I think back on a special meeting with my Great Aunt Elizabeth who we called Aunt Lizzy. She’s gone now. We buried her many years ago. Scott describes our encounter in the story, but I won’t forget the things Aunt Lizzy said to me that hot Georgia morning.

And if you can read this, Aunt Lizzy, please know that your words had their lasting effect on me. I can’t wait until one day you meet Haley. Maybe we can find that old bus-stop bench and all three of us will watch the ants change their world.

Building Mountains – A Truth Story

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