Khan Academy

“Dad, would you show me how to take the derivative of this formula?” This was a question I recently got from my son while in his second semester at Georgia Southern. I’m proud to say my son is studying engineering and taking on the new college life experience.


My answer to his question: “You know, it’s been 25 years since I took the derivative of anything. I’m going to need to brush up myself.”

I have a feeling that many of us parents are probably in the same boat here. Fortunately, someone at work had earlier pointed me to a great online resource: Khan Academy.

Khan Academy was developed by a guy who initially was trying to help tutor his nieces and nephews. It’s become a huge success and international phenomenon. Founded by Salman Khan, Khan Academy has become an ever-expanding educational website. The site has thousands of exercises and video tutorials. The tutorials are short and the cool thing is you can play them over and over until you’ve mastered the topic. All types of topics are covered: math, science, physics, chemistry, biology, cosmology, finance, economics, history.

I pointed my kids to Khan Academy a couple of years ago, and they’ve added this to their arsenal of learning recourses. I’ve gone back myself to relearn particular subjects. And at my workplace we’ve recommended Khan to employees who might need a refresher or two.

So if you need to go back and brush up on a topic or your kids need a little extra help, check out Khan Academy.

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