Seeing By God’s Light

A couple of weeks ago my wife took the picture below, a spring-break view from St. George Island. And later she read to me from C.S. Lewis’ work, Is Theology Poetry? This is where the Lewis quote comes from.


During my teenage years, I attended a popular Christian seminar held in downtown Atlanta. The leader of that seminar had a simple definition for the word wisdom which I like to this day.

Wisdom: Seeing things from God’s perspective.

Lewis splits the arrow with his quote. I’ve experienced it in my own spiritual journey. Not only has God filled my life with His light, but He is also shining it on everything around me.

I’m finally beginning to see.

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4 Responses to Seeing By God’s Light

  1. Anonymous says:

    Scott, great photo – great quote! Ron

  2. One of the wonderful things about having a relationship with the Lord is his willingness to reveal to us things that once were mysteries to us.

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