Bring On The Heat

You may be thinking the post title alludes to baseball or a romantic story. In a way, it is about my love affair with this time of year—spring and the approaching summertime.


Ah yes, summertime, way overdue here in the South. And as Johnny rosins up his bow, we are preparing a consolation prize for the Devil himself—a year’s supply of Head & Shoulders. You know, the whole dandruff thing.

We southerners got laughed at this past winter, and maybe rightly so. But I think southerners are, frankly, freakin’ brilliant. And I’m not just saying that because I am one. Perhaps one mystery has been solved: why people of the South hold the general reputation of hospitality and friendliness. I think it’s because we don’t have to put up with ice, snow, cold weather, power outages, and cabin fever for very long—or very frequently.

The rednecks, you see, made a decision to live in a place where there’s not a lot of the white stuff or polar vortex temperatures (with the exception of this past year). So this may leave some testimony of our intelligence. Most of us have never seen a snow drift or owned a snow shovel or built a snowman. Our best snow angels leave us filthy and less than entertained. If it does snow here, a few of us have been known to save some of it in the freezer—right next to our ice cube trays.

On a brighter note, we enjoy fewer taxes that might otherwise support things like road salt and snow plows. However, our local governments still find plenty of ways to spend our money, like repainting interstate lanes so they match the width of our vehicles. Or activating the national guard to protect stranded motorists stuck on I285 during Snowmageddon. Or help with relocating football and baseball stadiums every few years.

But finally I arrive at this article’s main thesis: Why I enjoy summer in the South. Hold on just a minute while I take a sip of my ice tea, sweet ice tea, that is. Now—where was I? Ah, yes, here are a few reasons why I say—bring on the heat:

Short sleeves, shorts and sandals.
Fishing and swimming.
Goodbye dry itchy skin.
Getting outside more.
Trips to the beach.
Picnics, pig pickins and cold watermelons.
Sweating and losing a few pounds.
Pleasant—and sorely missed—night sounds.
Expensive gas bills be gone.
Green colors return.
Planting tomatoes and bell peppers.
Cutting grass (ok–maybe this one not so much).
More grilling and BBQs.
Atlanta Braves.

How about you? What are your favorite things about summer?

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4 Responses to Bring On The Heat

  1. Gil Rios says:

    For a southern guy you some of our new York arrogance lol great post I enjoyed the read

    • Thanks for the comment! I must admit that by genetics I’m half northerner. My dad was born and raised in Michigan. My mom in Georgia. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. I don’t think I’m quite ready for the heat, but some nice warms temps during the day with it cooling off in the evening sounds good to me!

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