Don’t Die From Something Stupid In 2014

Recently, I had a conversation with a colleague who went to the doctor for a routine procedure. He told me something the doctor said that continues to resonate in my mind: Don’t die from something stupid!


Yes, we all must meet our Maker one of these days, but hopefully it’s not because we did something stupid. I realize many of you, like me, are people of faith, so I’m not minimizing God’s overall plan for or knowledge about our destiny. But I’m not a fatalist either. I believe that God teaches that our destiny can rest solidly on our wise (or unwise) decisions and choices.

Of course, there are some things about our future we can’t control. Still, there are many more we can control.

I encourage you (and myself included) to make some wise choices in 2014. So why not take action and do some things you might be putting off, or reestablish those habits you may have left behind:

Go get that test, annual check-up, prostrate exam, etc.
Change those worn tires with new ones.
Exercise more and eat healthier.
Test those smoke alarms around your house & review your safety plan.
Check your fire extinguisher.
Buy a weather radio.
Safety off that ladder, and wear the necessary safety gear.
Secure your weapons and make sure they are safely stored.
Don’t allow substances to impair your judgement.
Look before you back.
Turn off the cell phone while driving.
Use the buddy system—don’t go it alone.
Learn how to administer help—CPR, first aid, etc.
Put on the sunscreen.

So how about you? What else would you suggest we add to the list? Stay safe and healthy, my friends!

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