Modern Parables

I’m always looking for creative ways to share God’s word with others and help them see it in a new light. Stories continue to be a powerful way to convey God’s message and his love for us. So I want to introduce a teaching series called Modern Parables. I have personally used a couple of these videos for a group I led a couple of years ago. The videos were well received by the group. I also plan to share one in an upcoming meeting with my men’s group.
Prodigal Son
I generally don’t suggest that a teacher supplant their teaching with video, but it’s good to change things up from time to time. And the format of these videos helps facilitate good discussions. They don’t take the teacher out of the mix.

Modern Parables is produced by Compass Cinema, and it’s a 12-lesson study. You receive 6 parable films and 6 application videos and that makes 12 complete lessons. Parables included: Samaritan, The Shrewd Manager, The Sower, Prodigal Sons, The Widow & Judge and Hidden Treasure.

The parable films are not very long and they are the same stories Jesus told, only retold in a modern-day context. The films also come with study guides which help the teacher facilitate the lessons.

Another thing I like about this program is that you don’t have to show all the films as a series. You can pick and choose which ones you want to do. You can also purchase the films separately if you want to just do one on a trial basis.

The films are great for small groups, Sunday School classes, schools, and family time.

If you have used these in the past, please give us some feedback on your experience.

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2 Responses to Modern Parables

  1. I very seldom click a website video. Prefer to speed read and discern instead of listen to long introductions.

    regards and good will blogging

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