Chasing Rabbits – A Poem


Dances, does the telling tail.

A zig, a zag—nostrils flare.

A ghost oozes from the ground,

Casting her ageless spell.

Tangled hosts hide her now,

The hound’s way foils the plot.

A rustle, a leap, a bound.

The bay rises, rushes forward,

Echoing into the fray,

Chasing, darting, escaping,

Into the forest, around.

The sound softens, then builds.

Start becomes finish,

Finish becomes start.

Joy and frustration collide.

Life, too, pounds the hard soil,

Winding through hills and woods,

Down dark valleys, up bright peaks,

Familiar trails, strange ones,

Venturing out, coming home,

Breaking up, reuniting,

Failing, succeeding,

Living, dying.

Alive, once again.

And the hunter’s never far:

Watching, waiting, listening

To the spiraling pursuit,

The journey that never ends.

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2 Responses to Chasing Rabbits – A Poem

  1. Wow, great work Scott. Made me think of Ecclesiastes – to everything there is a season.

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