Happy, Happy, Happy – A Book Review

Okay, I’m coming out of my duck blind (metaphorically, speaking). I’m not a duck hunter, but I’ve become a huge Duck Dynasty fan.

I recently read Phil Robertson’s book, Happy, Happy, Happy, which answered some questions that always nagged me: Who are these people? Why are folks going crazy over this group of rugged, bearded men? Is this Uncle Si guy for real?


Happy, Happy, Happy addresses these questions—and more—through Phil’s don’t-beat-around-the-bush look on life. He tells us about his less-than-perfect beginnings and how God turned him around. Staying in touch with God’s creation seems to be a common theme throughout Phil’s writing. For those wanting a dose of business savvy, the book also explains how Phil started his duck call business and how he molded it into the present-day empire.

God not only changed Phil, but He transformed the whole Robertson family. God used Phil and his wife Kay to build a happy and vibrant family. Like most of us, they have their ups and downs, but I love how each Duck Dynasty episode ends with the family sitting around a long table as Phil blesses the food. This one simple act really sums up each show and the whole Robertson clan—giving God the glory. Solidarity. Unity. Family.

Could it be that many of us identify with the Robertsons because they are a lot like us? Or perhaps, deep down, we want to be more like them. Christian institutions often paint a picture of what a Christian should be—how they should talk, look, and act. It’s frustrating—isn’t it? I have trouble getting there myself.

But look at Jesus and who he hung out with—rough, smelly fisherman. Jesus, himself, was the son of a carpenter. God has told us not to be face-profilers (don’t judge by the outward appearance). In the end, the heart matters the most. Through their rough exterior, we see the heart of the Robertson family—a heart that loves God.

I hope you go get a copy of the book or download it to your Kindle. If you have read the book or watched the show, feel free to leave your comments below. What do you think makes the Robertson family so popular?

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6 Responses to Happy, Happy, Happy – A Book Review

  1. hmatlock says:

    Scott, I just recently heard of the show, but have not yet had a chance to watch it, as I do not have A&E. Based on your review, it sounds like a program I would enjoy watching. Thanks for filling me in.

    • Thanks, Henry. When you see the show, you may think it’s pretty silly, but these guys are deeper than the show makes them out to be. The book definitely fills in more gaps and gives a better run down on their story.

  2. Ron Purvis says:

    An interesting show. Even though I am a “farmer” instead of a hunter, we have enjoyed watching a few episodes. Good to have some “clean” humor on TV!

  3. Anonymous says:

    They were recently on a morning show “Fox & Friends”. The three anchors of the show spent two days with them in their home, helped them make duck callers, and talked a lot about their faith. It was interesting. Their show has taken off with a bang. I think people were hungry for some good clean fun. I know I sure am.

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