Disciple Them Forward


The above quote comes from the business world, but consider the application it has for many areas of life. One that readily comes to my mind—discipleship.

Do you remember the 2000 movie Pay It Forward, starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt? Spacey plays a social studies teacher, and one day he challenges his class to do something to change the world. One student comes up with the idea of doing a favor and asking that the favor be paid forward by performing good deeds for three new people. Without a formal title, this young man exercised leadership and started a movement.

The Tom Peter’s quote and the movie both capture the essence of discipleship and what Christ meant when he said, “Go make disciples.” The message of the gospel should never end with you or me. We aren’t suppose to just add others to the kingdom, but multiply, spread. This takes desire and leadership.

So, disciple forward this week, not only spreading the message, but also showing, equipping, and empowering others on how to do the same. And remember: We aren’t doing it for the sake of just doing it. This message, or rather the Savior behind the message, will transform lives for eternity.

Here are some resources I have found to be helpful as a growing disciple: Disciple Making Leaders

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4 Responses to Disciple Them Forward

  1. Ron Purvis says:

    Great ideas and comments! Ron

  2. Scott, I was thinking about this very issue yesterday. We’ve elevated our own stories to a place they shouldn’t be. Our small stories should be lived for the purpose of the gospel and as a piece of God’s greater Story. As you said, our leadership is not the end, but should point to the Father.

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