Famous Last Words


Undoubtably, most of us have heard the Great Commission statement, some of Jesus’ famous final words before he ascended into Heaven.

I decided to google the famous last words of a few other well-knowns and came across some interesting finds:

“My God. What’s happened?” – Diana, Princess of Wales

“That was a great game of golf, fellers.” – Bing Crosby

“My fun days are over.” – James Dean

“I hope I haven’t bored you.” – Elvis Presley

“Money can’t buy life.” – Bob Marley

“I have a terrific headache.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“I’m going away tonight.” – James Brown

This makes me wonder what my last words will be. I hope I don’t say something like:

Honey, please bring me another chicken wing.”

But seriously, Jesus could have shared a thousand and one different thoughts before he went to be with the Father. Out of all the potential messages, he charged us with one thing—to carry out a mission, the mission he so wisely taught and modeled before the original twelve.

In a word—discipleship. The greatest word-of-mouth campaign this world has ever experienced.

So, meditate with me on this great verse, Christ’s final wishes. As Todd Beamer said during his last few moments on Flight 93, “Let’s Roll.”

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