Trust Opens Doors

In his book, The Speed of Trust, Stephen M. R. Covey explains how trust determines two important outcomes for a company: speed and cost. Trust goes up–speed goes up, and costs go down. According to Covey, trust holds a great economic and strategic value for the business world. Makes sense to me.

As I read through the book, I began to wonder about other applications–this can also apply to our spiritual and personal growth. Trust can open the door to better relationships, better careers and better ministries.

Think about the price you’ve had to pay when you’ve lost someone’s respect and trust. Or how about the benefits you’ve gained by being a person who keeps his word? Consider how lack of trust has brought relationships to a screeching halt. However you define success in your life, trust will always be a huge influencing factor.

Covey states that others often view our trustworthiness in terms of two things: character and competence. Your character has to do with integrity and how well you conform to excellent values or standards. Competence reflects how well you perform a job, a task, a responsibility, and what kind of results are produced. Ideally, we look for both these components–character and competence–as we measure trust in others.

So ask these questions (and I’m asking them too): Am I being a trustworthy person? Am I doing my best work, right here, right now? If not, you are probably holding yourself back from bigger and better things.

The good news is that trust can be strengthened and improved through learning and hard work. And if your trust has eroded, hopefully you can regain it. So work on trust, and who knows: Doors of opportunity may be flying open in front of you!

How about you? In what ways has trust opened doors for you?

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