A Beautiful Mess

In the picture below, you see four antler pens that I recently turned on my shop lathe. By showing you this, I’m not bragging on my work, but I am proud of how these turned out. It’s so rewarding when hours of hard work result in a useful, finished instrument.

I often think God feels the same way about my personal and spiritual growth. He takes my growth seriously–and personally. I may see my life as chaotic, a total mess–a lot like the second picture of my shop space (see below).

Not a pretty sight. But as the Master Craftsmen, God knows how things will turn out. He will also bring the necessary tools into my life–spouse, parents, mentors, spiritual leaders, friends, trials, successes. And I’m sure that my idea of the finished product will often differ from God’s.

Another interesting story about these pens is their material make-up. They’re made from the shed antlers of the whitetail deer. Each year, the whitetail will drop his antlers and grow a new pair. Most of these are never found, quickly lost in Mother Nature’s relentless recycling bin.

I’m so thankful that God never leaves us cast aside. We may look rough on the outside, even a bit useless, but He knows who we are on the inside. He dwells there, and he’s working there.

So, take courage.

Don’t get distracted by the messes in your life.

He is turning you into something beautiful!

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4 Responses to A Beautiful Mess

  1. Love those pens! Great analogy to life.

  2. The pens are beautiful and the message is also. Jay

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