Thank You, Dad!

Last year I wrote a poem The Glory of Sons which is based on the Proverbs 17:6 passage. I did this to honor my dad. Now that I have my own children, I better understand the role my dad played in my life. It’s definitely not a task for the faint of heart.

My son, Caleb, recently graduated from High school, and so someone snapped the picture you see above–my dad on the left, Caleb in the center, and me on the right. It reminds me of how important this fathering thing is and it’s impact on future generations.

Here are some qualities I love about my dad and wanted to say thanks for:

Being there – My dad came home from work everyday and provided stability in my life. We ate supper at the dinner table, and we talked about stuff. He was always accessible.

Teaching me life skills – Dad helped me learn several outdoor skills: hunting, fishing, camping. These skills instilled confidence in me and helped me learn how to think for myself and solve problems.

He is faithful – Dad isn’t perfect–and neither am I–but he is faithful. He’s been faithful to God and his walk with God. He’s also been faithful to my mom. He loves his grandchildren and loves spending time with them.

So thanks Dad for all you have done and still do in my life! May your legacy live on!

What qualities do you love about your dad?

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2 Responses to Thank You, Dad!

  1. Self sacrifice and the value of work – From the time he graduated from college until he retired, my dad worked at the same high school as a teacher and (for a short stint) a vice principal. For most of that time, he also did part time work and started a small business to make sure we had our physical needs met, as well as some of the comforts this life affords.

    Thanks, Dad!

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