Teach Like Jesus Taught – Part 2

After thinking over this series the last couple of days, I have decided to change up the way I’m presenting the material. I’ll limit each post to three teaching strategies of Jesus. To support the strategies, I’ll give you some Biblical case studies, along with a question to ask yourself and some ideas for application.


Jesus taught others to be leaders. I’m impressed that Jesus never settled for just producing purely followers. He taught his disciples with the full intention that they would one day take up their own cross and teach and lead other men. And so the cycle continues even to this day. The teaching methods of Jesus are the foundation for brilliant discipleship.

I will make you fishers of men – Matthew 4: 18-22
The Great Commission – Matthew 28:18-20

Ask: How can I turn my pupils into future leaders and teachers?

Idea 1: Maybe for your next community group meeting, have one of your stellar group members lead in a prayer, or a short devotional. Why not let them teach the lesson?

Idea 2: At the workplace, show your people how to properly conduct a meeting or manage a project. Then next time, let them lead the meeting and give them the project.

Jesus served as he taught. It’s so uplifting to see Jesus in action. He may be teaching something one minute, and a few minutes later he’s healing someone or doing something for his disciples. Remember the maxim: more is caught than taught.

The paralytic healed – Matthew 9: 1- 8
Jesus washes the disciples feet – John 13: 1- 17

Ask: How am I serving the ones I teach?

Idea 1: For your next Sunday School class fellowship, open up your own home and cook a barbecue supper.

Idea 2: At your next staff meeting, give everyone a surprise gift, and then cater a wonderful lunch.

Jesus taught by example. I know what you’re thinking: Jesus had an unfair advantage. After all, he was God. But I love this paraphrased illustration from C.S. Lewis: If I’m being swept away down the river, I wouldn’t yell at the guy with his outstretched hand and solid footing on the bank and say, “That’s not fair. Let go of your hold on the bank.” No, I’d be extremely thankful for the only guy who CAN save me in that dark hour.

We will probably never become totally like Jesus. But the standards he established will push us to be better than what we are right now.

Jesus is tested by Satan – Matthew 4:1-11
Consider Christ’s example – Hebrews 12: 1-3
Jesus pays the tribute – Matthew 17: 24-27
Garden of Gethsemane – Matthew 26: 36-46

Ask: Am I setting the example when I teach or lead my group, my team or my family?

Idea: Take inventory of your life. Does your home life set the bar? As you teach that lesson about marriage, how is your own marriage speaking to your followers? When you share on how to be a better parent, how well are your own parenting skills holding up?

Question: What other skills or traits can help us become effective teachers?

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