Finding Great Deals on Outdoor Equipment

As spring infects the landscape, I find myself more and more consumed with the outdoor fever. I’ve been turkey hunting a couple of times, and am gearing up for the fishing season. Been on a few hikes. Even visited a Georgia State park that I had never seen before.


Given the time of the year–and the fact that the economy is bounding back at a snail’s pace–I want to pass on a few great sites that offer some awesome deals on outdoor gear.

Steep and Cheap – Someone introduced this site to me a week ago. Be warned: it can be addicting to watch the deals this site churns out. Just view the screen shot above. Notice the time-remaining bar in the bottom right portion of the screen. This particular Sierra tent could be purchased at 57% off but only in a 10 minute time frame. After the 10 minutes passes, they display another bargain deal.

REI – I know, they are usually on the high side when it comes to price. But certain times of the year they have a money-saving “scratch & dent” sale. People bring items back and they are discounted for a few days. The other thing I love about REI is their customer service. They are very good about taking gear back that’s not meeting your expectations.

Campmor – Just a great site for finding some bargains. You can visit their website, but they also send you their black and white, no-frills catalog. Loaded with all kinds of outdoor equipment.

The Sportman’s Guide – A wide variety of gear here for every kind of outdoorsman.

Georgia Outdoor News Forum – Here is another option for finding good used outdoor equipment. I have friends who have purchased Kayaks and other gear here for significantly reduced prices. I would definitely trust this site more than Craig’s List, but just remember – buyer beware. Check out used gear before you commit dollars to it. And never purchase from an individual without meeting in a public location; it’s also a good idea to take someone with you. If you don’t live in Georgia, you can probably Google for a similar forum or site in your own state.

How about you? Can you help out our wallets and recommend other great sites for outdoor gear bargains?

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