Family Time and a Southern Barbecue

One of my reasons for starting this blog is to encourage strong family bonds. My own family often comes together around a great meal. We actually put the electronic devices down for a few minutes and do this thing called talking. Even our Savior had some great interactions with His disciples and others around food.


This past weekend I broke out the smoker and cooked two pork shoulders, a.k.a. Boston Butt. And today I want to share with you an easy-to-make recipe for a great southern barbecue. Don’t let the southern label fool you, because this can be replicated all over the world.

Here is what you will need:

  • One or two pork shoulders
  • Vinegar and apple juice
  • Vegetable oil
  • Your favorite bbq spices or rub
  • Wood chunks (for smoking)
  • Charcoal

    First thing I will do is start soaking the wood chunks in water. I like to use apple wood, but you may use another kind. I then empty out some charcoal into the smoker and get them burning. I prefer to use natural lump charcoal because it seems to hold the heat longer than regular charcoal.

    Most smokers allow you to add a pot of water for moisture so your meat won’t dry out. On my smoker, I place the water between the charcoal and the meat.

    Next, I prepare the pork shoulders. Start by rinsing them off and pat dry with paper towels. Mix one-half vinegar and one-half apple juice solution and spray it all over the pork. Let that soak in. Then rub the vegetable oil all over the shoulder. Sprinkle on your favorite bbq spices and rub it into the meat. I like to use the Dizzy Pig brand. It has a very good flavor and doesn’t make the pork too salty.

    Place the pork shoulders on the smoker and smoke them for about 8 to 10 hours. Maintain your heat by occasionally adding charcoal and wood chunks. I will also take the smoker cover off periodically and spray on the vinegar/apple juice solution. Only don’t open the smoker too frequently or you will lose valuable cooking heat.

    And there you have it. I recommend serving your barbecue with your favorite bbq sauce, sweet tea, cole slaw and baked beans. And your family, of course!




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    7 Responses to Family Time and a Southern Barbecue

    1. That sounds like a real labor of love, but they turned out beautifully! Now I wish I had my own smoker… Or even a grill for barbequing. Maybe for my birthday wish list?

    2. Ah, the lost art of enjoying and just BE-ing with family. Thanks for that reminder. And thanks for the recipe.

    3. ericrynne says:

      Looks great! Ill have too look up the spice you used! Thanks for sharing!

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