Event-Driven Spiritual Growth

Last week the family and I took a vacation and sailed to the Bahamas. Yes, that’s a picture of me tying the boat to the dock. We dodged a few drunk people on the first couple of days. Or maybe they were seasick–not really sure. We also pigged out on buffets, watched shows, soaked up the rays and did some reading.


I decided to reread A.W. Tozer’s The Pursuit of God which I believe has ripped another layer of complacency from my heart. As I took time to relax and reflect on this classic work, I realized that I had done it again. It took a vacation and a 1949 book for God to grab my attention.

Through Tozer, God has shown me that my spiritual growth so often remains tied to the next event. What event you might ask? The next retreat, the next revival, the next sermon, the next Bible study, the next best-selling Christian book. But what if God wants our spiritual growth to be a daily occurrence? What if He wants that growth to cruise along continuous waves of devotion?

I believe that is what Tozer is trying to show us in his book: We must pursue God always and cultivate the relationship everyday. God doesn’t want us to stop at just accepting Him and being saved from the penalty of eternal flames. He wants to be pursued, just like a spouse or a close friend–not taken for granted. Can you imagine if you and your spouse only connected once a year at a mountain resort, a Florida beach or only for two hours every Sunday?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying we shouldn’t attend church services or go to seminars, but these should be the icing on the cake, the finish line, not our next spiritual-growth fix.

God is real, and His presence is real for every believer. The veil to the Holy of Holies has been torn in two; He’s inviting us to press our way through. And I’m pretty sure we don’t need to quit our jobs, buy a robe and join a monastery. God makes Himself available to each of us. We must simply be intentional and realize that we can consciously connect with God all the time.

You can download The Pursuit of God for free to your Kindle or your computer’s Kindle reader. In the next post, I will be sharing some of my favorite quotes and excerpts from the book.

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4 Responses to Event-Driven Spiritual Growth

  1. Great post, Scott. I couldn’t agree more. Our relationship with God should be a continual growth experience. Thanks for sharing the link to The Pursuit of God.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great Blog. I feel the same way. Experiencing God on a daily basis is not hard, it just takes the determination of heart to do so.

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