Your Sweet Fragrance

Where have the years gone?

Here you are still by my side.

The rose has stormed our castle.

We’ve gazed upon the blossoms,

Endured the thorns,

Pruned, uprooted, replanted.

Our bond outlasts the symbols,

The turning of seasons,

The tests of time.

You are my cherished flower,

Your beauty never fades.

My love for you runs deep,

Deep within the cultivated soils,

Far into the channels of my heart.

Can you hear the joyful beat?

This melody flows, giving me life,

And courage,

And meaning,

And happiness.

Your fountains intoxicate my soul.

Lured by your sweet fragrance;

Enslaved by your soft caresses;

Sealed by your moist kisses;

Weakened by your tender affections.

For me, and me alone.

As one, we break the same bread.

We drink the same wine,

Grafted forever within the Vine.

Know this My Wife:

My love for you will always endure.

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4 Responses to Your Sweet Fragrance

  1. Anonymous says:

    Laura needs to frame this. So precious. As usual, I read it and cryed. I love you my nephew.

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