Once again, my daughter has surprised and impressed me with her art work. I’m so proud of how she uses her art to express some pretty amazing things about God and His love for us. I chose the term captivating for this post, because being in a relationship with Him is truly captivating. And in this context, I believe it goes beyond the dictionary definition: “To attract and hold by charm, beauty or excellence.” Being held captive by God’s love and glory is the most freeing experience of one’s life.

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10 Responses to Captivating

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Stephanie’s art work. She has such talent, and displayes it in magnificant art. This one is so special.

  2. Don Morse says:

    WOW…Again, she is so talented, I know you are very proud.

  3. Wow, that’s super good!!

  4. Mark Weatherup says:

    That is a great gift she has!

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