How to Make a Wooden Pen

Over the holidays I took some time off and hung out with family and friends. We ate and rested, and then ate and rested some more. We celebrated and remembered the Savior who visited the earth several centuries ago. I worked on two short stories and caught up on some reading. But I also mixed things up with my creativity by getting out into my woodworking shop.

Below are some sample pictures of fountain pens that I make primarily from wood, but also from other materials. In the wake of computers and technology, I realize that the fountain pen is becoming a somewhat obsolete tool. So, I was pleased to come across a pen kit that bridges the gap between both worlds. The pen pictured above is a twist style pen made from Bethlehem Olive from the Holy Land. Note that one end is a regular fountain pen and the other is an iPad stylus. I was stoked to make a pen like this.

To make things even better, a friend of mine recently made me aware of a website slated just for creative people who want to share their passion with the world. It’s called Snapguide. Snapguide uses primarily a graphic format, allowing the author to instruct through pictures or videos rather than lengthy text.

I created one called How to Make a Wooden Pen. My guide takes you through the steps on how to make these beautiful pens. Hope you enjoy. Please take a minute and check this out. Would love to hear your feedback.

How about you? How are you sharing your creative efforts with the world?











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10 Responses to How to Make a Wooden Pen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice, I really like that rattlesnake one, how do I get one….lol. I love mine, carry it everywhere I go and get a ton of compliments, thanks again Scott

  2. Anonymous says:

    The pens are beautiful. I want to know how to buy one. Are the pens different amounts depending on the material that you use? You can let me know the next time we see each other. I treasure the pen I have that you made when you first started. I don’t use it i’m so afraid of losing it.. I use the key chain all the time. Mimmie

  3. Nice! My husband still uses his!

  4. stevegalea6953 says:

    These pens are beautiful. I love to see finely crafted items like this. Very nice.

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