My Mid-Year Review

It’s that time of the year everyone!  Aren’t you excited!  Around the months of July and August, many of us participate in that little discussion called a mid-year review.

My boss just finished mine, and I’m in the process of doing this for my employees.  It seems like such a formal proceeding, but I try to keep it from becoming a minefield of surprises.  After all, feedback should be a daily thing and not something we do 2 times a year.

As I’ve plodded down this path of work performance reviews, It occurred to me that I should go back and do a review of my blog:

  • Why am I writing, and what should I be writing about anyway?
  • Am I serving others or just inflating my ego?
  • What posts seem to resonate the most with readers?
  • Am I writing to the right audience?
  • With whom am I establishing some real connections?
  • As I read through my About Me page, am I sticking to the objectives and main focus of this blog?

Forty-five percent of my posts have been dedicated to discipleship topics or what I like to categorize–Spiritual Journey.  So maybe there’s room for improvement here.  I deviate some with articles about nature or the outdoors.  But I do that to show the value of being outside and experiencing God through His Creation.  Occasionally, I’ll talk about writing or blogging, realizing that many in this audience are writers.

Still, for discipleship to work, I must be intentional as I try to pass the torch of Christianity forward.  This has to be carried out through people, not simply the addition of more articles or blog posts.  I’m excited to see what many of you are doing to reach out to the blogosphere and beyond with the message of Christ.  I hope this site will be seen as an aid or catalyst for the nitty-gritty work of discipleship.

You see, I’m not trying to just inspire, but I hope that readers will take this information/instruction and act on it.  Acting on the information could mean:

  • Getting serious about your own spiritual growth.
  • Discipling a new believer.
  • Sharing it with friends, family or your small group.
  • Seeing this blog as a discipleship resource.
  • Commenting and sharing your wisdom about the topics.
  • Somehow partnering with me – guest posting maybe.
  • Joining our men’s small group (of course this would probably mean being in the Atlanta area)

So allow me to take a minute and ask for some feedback?

  • How can I best serve you through this blog?
  • How can I make this site more useful as a disciple-making tool?
  • What do you want to know about discipleship?
  • What kind of small group resources or personal growth resources are you looking for?
  • What are some ways I could improve this site to make it more effective?
  • Would you like to guest post or contribute your writing talent?

Feel free to email me about any or all the above.  I’m here to serve you, and I want to serve you better.  Also, feel free to share about how you review your blog.  How do you know your blog is accomplishing the goals you originally set for it?

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2 Responses to My Mid-Year Review

  1. Don Morse says:

    I think you are doing a great job, I am loving the blog. You must be doing something right with 36,000+ hits

    • Thanks, Don! Yes, my number of hits has seemed to correlate with frequency of posts, age of the blog, number of followers and choosing good key words. I would have hoped it had grown more by now, but I’ll keep plugging away. I’m not trying to run a race or set any records. It may be more of the tortoise approach rather than the hare.

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