A Picture’s Worth a 500 Word Blog Post

I could have written a 500 word blog post, but I believe my daughter’s painting says it all.  What a creative person she has become, and a dedicated follower of Christ.  Hope you enjoy.

Luke 4:18

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9 Responses to A Picture’s Worth a 500 Word Blog Post

  1. Don Morse says:

    WOW… what talent, made the hair on my arms stand on end.

  2. Mildred Aenchbacher says:

    I had already expressed how I liked her picture. Stephanie has shown so much growth recently about how much she loves the Lord. This has thrilled my heart because there is nothing more important. I love her dearly and look forward to the next picture she paints. Love, Mimmie

  3. hmatlock says:

    Striking imagery, and it truly captures the state of bondage we all suffer prior to receiving the Key to liberty and freedom that is available to all. Thank you and your daughter for sharing it with us.

  4. Don Morse says:

    Possibility of having prints made??? I can see a promising future for the budding artist.

    • Don … we’ve talked about that and she’s gotten some other requests, so yes we are looking into it. Just need to find a large scanner. The picture above she took with her camera. I’ll let you know when we have something figured out. I haven’t forgotten about the pen. I hope to get that to you the next few weeks. Summer has been busy.

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