Three Amazing Birding Apps

Ever been on a hike and wanted to ID a plant, insect, or bird?  With the advent of apps, it’s become easy to pack a number of electronic guides in your pocket or your pack.  These guides can be stored easily on your iPhone, iPad or tablet.  In some ways, they are better than the guide books, because of their multimedia platforms.

God has indeed created a variety of birds in all colors, shapes and sizes.  As you can see from past posts, birds (for example–eagles) truly inspire me.  Aside from their beauty, I think the bird kingdom may be teaching us some things about God–about life.  Are we paying attention?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using and evaluating 3 birding apps.

Audubon Birds – A Field Guide to North American Birds

Peterson Birds of North America

Chirp! Bird Songs

All 3 apps share the following information about birds:

  • Bird identification
  • Breeding range
  • Habitat preferences
  • Behaviors
  • Sounds
  • Tips for birding

Out of the three, I like Audubon’s app the best.  It seems to have numerous positive ratings and a greater number of bird sound recordings.  However, it is the highest price and takes up the most memory.  I like Peterson second; love the artwork and how the information is organized and presented.  Although Chirp comes in last place, I still rate it high, and it takes up less memory.

Perhaps you know of some other great bird apps or guides.  Please take a second and share.

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10 Responses to Three Amazing Birding Apps

  1. diannegray says:

    Thanks for sharing – this is great!

  2. hmatlock says:

    Scott, quite frankly I didn’t know anyone had developed birding apps. Now I know: “Yeah, there’s an app for that.” Thanks for educating me.

  3. dk Levick says:

    I downloaded the Audubon app. Also their app on trees. Great apps. Thanks for the info Scott.

    • Thanks Duane! Hope you enjoy. One thing I probably should have mentioned in the post: When I first downloaded these apps to my iPad, I couldn’t get the bird sounds to work. I had to go to settings and turn “Ringer and Alerts” to ON. For some reason on my iPad this was defaulted to OFF.

  4. Don Morse says:

    Now I have an app for everything….. I love technology and this is just one more thing to fill my phone. Thanks Scott.

  5. Mike says:

    Well I guess . . . ‘There’s my sign’.

    Lately I have had thoughts of the complexities of God’s creation. This morning in my journal, I decided to dedicate my time of writing to the acknowledgment of those complexities. At the end I decided it would be a good area for me to spend some of my reading time in and prayed that God would help me find reading material that would be both interesting and helpful to the understanding of some of those complexities. I wish He answered all my prayers that quick.

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