Evangelistic Bracelet

Who says that Christians can’t be creative?  Many of you have heard of Gospel Bracelets or Evangelistic Bracelets.  These Gospel-sharing aids have been around for quite some time.  My daughter has loved to make these over the years.  I have created my own 550 Paracord version which I call the Sacrifice Bracelet.  I don’t sell this bracelet, but I am offering a free PDF download which you can obtain by clicking on the picture below.

Please don’t see this as a gimmicky way to share the Gospel, but treat it like a teaching aid or an icebreaker to drum up a conversation.  And I’m not offering this as a pragmatic approach to evangelism-we’re not placing our trust in the method.  God can use us in many ways to convey His message, but we must do so through a pure heart,  a sincere motive, and a step of faith.  Over the years, I’ve participated in many evangelistic programs, so I’ve also listed some general tips or thoughts regarding evangelism.

The PDF download is free of charge.  Only thing I ask in exchange is for you to do at least one of four things:  Share this free resource with someone, leave a comment, follow this blog, or “Like” my FB page (see right side panel).

My step-by-step guide will show you how to make this special evangelistic bracelet.  You can then give them away to your family members, friends or coworkers.  They make an excellent craft or activity for Scouts, Youth Groups, Awana Programs or Vacation Bible School.

Thanks for checking this out.  Please feel free to share any insights you have about evangelism.

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7 Responses to Evangelistic Bracelet

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  2. plantman54 says:

    What an awesome tool for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ!!

  3. Samuel Beals says:

    We are planning to use this with about 100 kids for our church VBS project, and then give the bracelets to missionaries to use in outreach.

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