There’s A Mom For That

Move over Bill Gates and Macintosh.  There are just some things technology or apps cannot fix.  But surely you must know these things too.

Enter Mom.  No one can replace my mom.  She has come to my aid all these years and asked nothing in return.  She’s endured so many trials in her lifetime, and her faith holds firm.  To me, her life’s been a lesson plan for humility, meekness and service.

So Mom, this poem’s for you.  Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

There’s A Mom For That

Against her breasts she held me tight.
Her love embraced, entangled might.
A mother’s care, who can match?
Harm me and her wrath you’ll catch.
Between two arms a safe haven sat.
Thank God, there’s a mom for that.


A faithful fan and friend she’s been.
Oh, the countless wounds she did mend.
When life seemed an uncaring mess,
She whispered, “You are a success.”
Behind every son, a voice goes to bat.
Thank God, there’s a mom for that.


My mom, the mountain, immovable.
A handhold, solid, unshakeable.
Like ocean waves which calm the sand,
Her words still shape this restless man.
My lean pride she often makes fat.
Thank God, there’s a mom for that.


Her faith stands against life’s tumult.
My problems seem far less difficult.
A banquet of wisdom she has served.
Her lessons still planted, undeterred.
Someone showed me: I must adapt.
Thank God, there’s a mom for that.

by S. Scott Johnson

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5 Responses to There’s A Mom For That

  1. Anonymous says:

    Scott this was a beautiful tribute to your Mom. She is a treasure.

  2. Scott- I know this poem must mean to the world to you mother.

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