Blogging Advice from Michael Hyatt

For a little over a year I’ve curiously followed Michael Hyatt’s blog.  Hyatt is the Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers.  His blog focuses on leadership, productivity, publishing, blogging and social media.  I’ve been able to harvest so many informational tidbits from his site.  Currently, Hyatt has over 200,000 subscribers.

What goals have you formulated for your blog?  Hyatt has taught me that blogging should be intentional if I want to impact larger numbers of readers.   Otherwise, it will continue to be a hobby blog with a limited sphere of influence.  Nothing wrong with that, but we all must decide the overall objective for our writing.  My blog’s primary goal is not to make money, but to help others succeed in 4 areas:

  1. Their relationship with God.
  2. Their relationship with their family.
  3. Creativity – writing, blogging & the crafts.
  4. Outdoor pursuits.

I attempt to write my articles through the lens of the Christian worldview, but everyone is welcome here–even those who may not share that perspective.   Having said that, this blog isn’t written for everyone, but I created it specifically for those with whom I share the same passions.

I truly hope that you find “success” with your blog.  But you are in control, and you get to define what “success” means to you.  Below are some of Hyatt’s best articles on blogging:

4 Insights I Gleaned from Building My Own Platform

10 Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic (Podcast)

Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog?

13 Blog Post Ideas for Novelists

Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post

There are many more helpful articles on Hyatt’s site, and hope you take a minute to check them out.  What about you?  Have you formulated goals for your blog?  What resources have you found that have helped you become a better blogger?

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