Amicalola – A New Poem

Amicalola Falls



White tumult hugs

Jagged rocks.

Violent, leaping liquid

Slices green and gray,

Adorning ordinary granite

As shimmering sunlight shows.

Steady, calming roar,

Cool, refreshing breeze.


Ever and always:







Beautiful mountain breath,

Wild Appalachian song.


Oh, created wonder;

You sooth my soul again.

You lift my eyes,

You wash away my cares,

Taking them far away,

Drowning them in your quiet pools.


Floodgates crumble.

The Spirit’s fountains spring forth.

Goodness spills over my cold, rugged heart.

His grace smooths my soul’s rough form.

Will the weary, searching travelers see?

May I pour out God’s blessings, Oh Stream,

As you have done for me.

by S Scott Johnson


If you ever travel to North Georgia, go and visit Amicalola Falls State Park.  Very close to metro Atlanta, the park boasts of the state’s tallest waterfall.  It tumbles and cascades a distance of 729 ft.  I was there last week and spent 2 lovely days enjoying the North Georgia mountains.  My visit to the famous falls inspired the poem above.  Hope you enjoy it!

How about you?  How is the outdoors inspiring you?


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7 Responses to Amicalola – A New Poem

  1. Anonymous says:

    The poem is beautiful. The falls is breath taking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    One must see and feel with their heart, to truly relish in the experience these falls provide. By your words, I see that you have.

    • Thanks for the comments! It really is an amazing experience in person. I also love going to Anna Ruby Falls right outside of Helen, Ga. So many wonderful places to visit in North Georgia.

  3. Very nice! You had me at first because I didn’t know what Amicalola was.

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