Book Review – Daddy Dates

Greg Wright has hit a home run.  I recently finished his book Daddy Dates and want to recommend it to all you wonderful dads out there.

Greg writes from experience and from his heart; he’s a father of four daughters and a successful businessman.  I’m a father of one daughter and can vouch that his words ring true.  He takes the reader through his journey of fathering and “dating” his four girls.  He does this without talking down to the reader or making him feel guilty—just one guy sharing his thoughts with another guy.  A key word in his book is “plan.”  Being intentional.  Intentional doesn’t necessarily translate to perfect (good news for me and probably you).  A successful father raises his kids proactively and strategically.

Greg demonstrates his intentional approach by humorously describing his method for daughter dating.  He sees dating as an adventurous way to get to know his daughters, discover what they like, how they think, and how their peers influence them.  He’s found a way to do this by building trust and by not being overbearing.  Relax, dads; we can do this too.

What do you do when you and your daughter go to the bookstore?  Do you observe what books she gravitates towards or do you automatically rush to your favorite sports magazines?  Those books she’s been reading just might tell you volumes about your daughter’s beliefs, ideals or longings.  It seems that men are quick to solve problems, to ask probing questions, when really what we should be doing is observing, gaining trust and helping our daughters progress into womanhood.

Daddy Dates taught me the importance of treating my girl to a special time, a time of conversation, and two-way communication.  Greg suggests several practical date ideas, and he offers an easy survey which reveals your daughter’s personality type.  Understanding your daughter isn’t an easy task.  It takes more than quality time; it takes quantity time—a lifelong commitment.  Never give up.

The Book of Proverbs teaches us to know well the state of our flocks.  As fathers, we should know our daughters.  Daddy Dates places dads on the road to doing that

Okay, enough of my opinions.  Go and get the book and read it for yourself.  And if you do, drop me a note, and tell me what you think about the book.  I’m confident Daddy Dates will help you be a better father!

Here is a link to Greg’s website where you can learn more and purchase the book:

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