Fly Like an Eagle

The family and I had a wonderful time this past weekend at Guntersville State Park in Alabama.  The rain held off until Saturday evening, but that morning we spotted some eagles.  Some were soaring and some were on the nest.  We even spotted 3 eaglets being cared for by their mom (or maybe dad).  Thanks to my daughter for taking these wonderful pictures!  If you get the opportunity, go check out Eagle Awareness Weekend at Guntersville.  Next weekend will be the last weekend event for 2012.

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2 Responses to Fly Like an Eagle

  1. Great series of photos. I didn’t think eagles would be at the stage of caring for young ones in Feb.

    • I believe this pair of eagles are year round residents. Seventy-five percent of the the Guntersville eagles are migratory. They start arriving in late November and head north late February or early March. They told us that we might see some mating activity, but I’ve never witnessed that and we’ve visited the event 3 years in a row.

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