Recapping 2011

Thanks so much for following my blog in 2011.  Hard to believe this will be my 110th post.  I continue to change up my blog, to improve the content and to create topics relevant to you, the reader.  The challenge with any blog is discovering your audience and discovering your own voice–what it is you want to say, exactly.

One improvement I want to make is to narrow the scope of blog post topics.  I created this site primarily to glorify God and to encourage others to grow in their faith.  God inspires much of my writing via the medium of nature, so I will carry on with that theme.  You will probably see me posting more articles about my faith and some more devotionals.  I also want to blog about blogging and writing, and share any helpful tips I have learned.

Looking back on my site statistics for 2011, here are some of the more popular posts:

Top 5 Devotional and Inspirational Posts

Top 5 Outdoor Travel and Recreation Posts

Top 5 Outdoor Knowledge and How-to Posts

Thanks again for your support!  Any suggestions for future posts are greatly appreciated.  I’m also open to other like-minded bloggers who would like to post articles on this site.  Just use the contact link to let me know.

God bless you and Happy New Year!

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7 Responses to Recapping 2011

  1. Scott, great to see you refocusing here on your blog as well. You offer well-written insights about faith, and I look forward to seeing you build on this theme. Let me know how I can help you. I’ll be happy to do a guest post for you sometime.

  2. Mike says:

    It is good occasionally to step back and try to get a fresh look at things. I wrestle a bit with the value of it all . . . and then if I’m going to do it, how to make it valuable. On going struggle. Sometimes I think my best writing is in my journals that no one will ever see. Those writings just flow. 1st draft type stuff and the first draft should flow. But then trying to develop some of those thoughts . . . I’m not sure about with you, but for me it involves a fair amount of labor.

    I’m on the virge of rambling. Better quit.

  3. Thanks Mike, and I agree. Writing is also hard work for me. To me that first draft is like framing the house and then comes the finishing, painting and polishing–always the most time consuming parts. But in the end I’ve decided it’s not just about pleasing the audience 100 % of the time. You as the writer want to say something and you want to say it in your voice, through your creative style. I believe God is pleased with this endeavor.

  4. Mike says:

    How ever great or small our gift, I think He is pleased that we give it to Him/ use it for His purposes.

  5. Don Morse says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog over the past 8 months, keep up the great work and here’s to a wonderful 2k12.

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