Thanksgiving Origins – Thinking Back on some Extraordinary Outdoorsmen

I recently came across a two-part interview with Reverend Peter Marshall concerning the origins of Thanksgiving.  He talks about how God intervened in the Pilgrims’ lives and how the Indians helped them recover from the harsh winter.  In the interviews, Marshall covers several things you may or may not know about the origins of Thanksgiving:

  • Abraham Lincoln established the Thanksgiving holiday during the bloody Civil War.
  • The Pilgrims were not fleeing religious persecution.  Instead, they came to the New World to discover better living conditions, to preserve their culture and to propagate the gospel.
  • The original Pilgrims were a separate group from the Puritans.
  • They formed something called the Mayflower Compact, the seed of American democracy.
  • The story of Squanto and God’s miracles in his life.  Using his Indian lore and outdoor skills, Squanto assisted the Pilgrims and taught them how to survive.
  • Quotes from William Bradford, governor of the Plymouth Colony.

Click on the links below to hear this two-part interview:

Origin of Thanksgiving I     (16 min)

Origin of Thanksgiving II     (19 min)

Visit to hear more sermons from Peter Marshall and other well known preachers.

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