God Revealed in Nature

Just wanted to share about a new book I discovered, God Revealed in Nature by Pat, Harry and Amy Franklin.  Pat is a retired elementary schoolteacher and Harry is a retired journalist.  The book showcases a collection of family poems, most of them written by Pat.  Pat has also included some journal entries from her daughter Amy who past away in 1996.  Below is an awesome excerpt from the book, a poem called Tiny Little Crosses.

Tiny Little Crosses

by Pat Franklin

Tiny little crosses

Swaying in the breeze,

Gentle little reminders

That bring us to our knees.

Tiny little crosses

Towering high above,

In the tops of pine trees

Symbols of God’s love.

Tiny little crosses

How they touch our souls,

Bursting forth at Easter time

To proclaim The Greatest Story Ever Told.

Tiny little crosses

Reminders-our debt is paid,

When upon our Savior’s shoulders

All of our sins were laid.

Tiny little crosses

Our Father’s supreme sacrifice,

Dying on the cross for us,

The gift of eternal life.

Tiny little crosses

Cause our hearts to overflow,

In praise and thanksgiving

For the One who loves us so.

Longleaf pine trees start their new growth the weeks before Easter.  At the top of them, you will see yellow shoots.  As Easter Sunday approaches, the tallest shoot will branch off and form a cross.  By Easter most of the pine trees will have tiny crosses on all of the tallest shoots stretching to Heaven. 

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4 Responses to God Revealed in Nature

  1. Mike says:

    Cool observation and poem.

  2. JoAnn Harp says:

    I think it is amazing!!

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