A Date with Disaster

Think back to your former dating years and remember the worst date of your life, the date from the gates of Hades.   In 1991, I took a young lady to the Atlanta Zoo.  That evening we stopped by the Krispy Kreme donut shop in downtown Atlanta and I locked my keys in the car.  The locksmith easily gobbled up my money for the next date.  Fortunately for me, the “Hot Now” sign was on and the young lady later became my wife.

None of us want to court disaster, but the probability is high that we will date her at some point in life.  Back in April, I witnessed up close the aftermath of tornadoes in north Georgia.  That storm destroyed numerous lives and leveled many structures with a devastating effect.  Power remained off for days.  Water supplies were temporarily disrupted.  Restaurants shut down.  Grocery stores and gas stations shut down.  Many were not ready for such a destructive storm.

How about you?  Are you and your family prepared to face a disaster?  September is National Preparedness Month, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Now’s the time to take inventory of supplies and evaluate your preparedness plans.

Have you thought about the following?

  • First aid kits.
  • Food & water supplies for multiple days.
  • Water purification methods.
  • Protection of property and family.
  • Access to important papers or records.
  • Communication
  • Where does the family meet up after a disaster?

This is just a sampling of things you should consider before a disastrous event occurs.  Below, I’ve listed some important websites to visit and learn about kits, contingency plans and how to stay informed.




BSA Emergency Preparedness

Please leave a comment and share your personal experiences or helpful suggestions.

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4 Responses to A Date with Disaster

  1. Scott,
    I always enjoy reading your blogs. Have a blessed day.

  2. Mike says:

    In spite of the fact that the ‘Hot now’ sign and ‘the young lady’ were used in the same sentence, I’m still assuming you were referring to the donuts. 🙂

    Haven’t been real active in the blogging world lately. I noticed you stopped by my site the other day and wanted to return the favor. Hope all is well. Love the Krispy Kremes.

    • Yes, I’m glad to get a chance to clarify that. As a rule, my wife will not want to stop at a KK unless the Hot Now sign is on–I think it may be a sin to eat a cold Krispy Kreme. 🙂

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