Peachtree City Bike Trails

Peachtree City Bike Trail

The Peachtree City bike trails were calm and traffic free this past Friday morning.  Since the teenagers have gone back to school, I decided to set out about 9:30am and get in about 7 miles of cycling.  If you live in the south Atlanta area, you’ve probably heard about Peachtree City.  But did you know about the extensive network of bike path’s she harbors?  We’re talking over 90 miles of trails!

Usually, I park at the Peachtree City Library to start my ride, and right away, I’m linked to one of my favorite segments which winds along the edge of Lake Peachtree.  But most of the trails are pleasant because they’ve embedded them within miles upon miles of green space.  You can acquire a nice map of the bike paths at City Hall, located next to the public library.  The map costs $2, but it’s worth having.  You can also click on this link to open a pdf map of the trails.

The six-foot-wide, asphalt paths snake, tunnel under highways and connect to places all over town and the suburban outskirts.  One glance at the map and several easy or challenging loops materialize.  The majority of the paths are off the roadway, and the city maintains them fairly well.  However, watch out for the golf carts.  A golf cart is like a 3rd vehicle if you live in Peachtree City.  The best time to hit these trails is weekday mornings, and I’ve never been on a section where I felt unsafe.  Below, I’ve posted some pictures of the trail.

How about you?  Where have you and your bike been roaming lately?

My Trek

Bike Path Along Lake Peachtree

Bike Trail Across Lake Peachtree

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2 Responses to Peachtree City Bike Trails

  1. Mildred Aenchbacher says:

    This was nice Scott. It will be so nice to ride in about a month when the weather is cooler.

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