David – A Mossy Oak Bible Study

Kudos to the folks at Mossy Oak for creating a wonderful study on the life of King David.  I came across this Bible study a few weeks back and purchased a copy.  It consists of 6 sections and can be followed by an individual, discipleship group or a community group.  Each section contains short commentary, discussion/reflection questions and memory verses.

Here are the section titles:

David the Anointed

David the Warrier

David the Hunted

David the King

David the Fallen

David the Father

Excerpt from the back cover:

“This Mossy Oak Bible Study is your guide for exploring the life of David and discovering how his experiences carry over to your own.  Take time to pray, journal, and meditate over the many ways God has watched you just as he did over David.  Witness the successes and failures of one of the heroes of the Old Testament and discover all of what made him a man of God.”

You can purchase the study book at Amazon.

Also, take a minute and check out Mossy Oak’s website.

Mossy Oak also produces a Bible covered with their famous camouflage design.  Just don’t lay it down in the woods and lose it.

What about you?  Do you have any Bible study series you would like to recommend?

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