Verdict in: Amazon Kindle Guilty

Amazon Kindle

The verdict is in and Amazon’s Kindle has been found guilty—guilty of being the best e-book reader I’ve ever owned.  My beautiful wife presented me this device last Christmas, and I’ve found it rather difficult to put down.  I had to do something.  You see, my bookshelves are bulging at the joints, and I thought the Kindle would be a nice way to transport my reading to the virtual world.  No, I don’t plan to give up hardcopy books all together, and there are some books not available on the Kindle.  But there are lots of e-books which can be had and many are downloadable for free.

For a little extra money, we bought the Kindle with the 3G network.  This enables me to purchase and download a book anywhere, anytime.  No subscriptions required.  So far, I have downloaded 23 books.  Seven of those were free:

  • The Yosemite by John Muir
  • The Man-Eaters of Tsavo by Henry Patterson
  • The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane
  • The Journals of Lewis and Clark by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark
  • Daniel Boone The Pioneer of Kentucky by John Abbott
  • The Call of the Wild by Jack London
  • The Holy Bible

Here are some of the features I love about the Kindle:

  • Downloading books is easy and nearly instantaneous upon purchase.  The 3G network has proven to be very reliable.
  • The non-backlit screen is easy to read.  No problem viewing it in sunlight.  It uses an E Ink electronic paper technology.  Yes, it does feel like I’m reading a page in a book.
  • Each book is automatically bookmarked.  No more dog ears.
  • It allows me to underline words or passages, and I can make notes.
  • Don’t know the meaning of a word?  No problem.  It comes with a built in dictionary.   Just move the cursor to the front of the word and the definition appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • It’s thin and lightweight.  It’s about the size of a book, and the screen is a tad smaller.
  • The font size is adjustable; a nice feature for us guys progressing into our forties.
  • Mine also has a text-to-speech option, allowing the device to read the text on some books.  Not a bad feature if you don’t mind the computer generated voice.  I don’t use this very much.
  • A USB cable allows me to copy PDF files from my computer and conveniently move them to the Kindle.
  • The battery life is great.  It stays charged for up to a month.

Well there you have it.  Want to learn more about the Kindle?  Click on this Amazon link:

One final word:  I know this is well after Mother’s Day, but I have to say a special thank you to my mom.  She is the one who inspired me to read.  And reading has opened up whole new worlds for me.  It’s probably the reason I took up writing so now others can enter other realms and experience new adventures.  I’ve come full circle.

Click here if you’d like to read some excerpts from my novel, The Guide.  I would also invite you to join my Facebook fan page or subscribe to this blog.  Thanks again for reading my posts.  God bless.

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7 Responses to Verdict in: Amazon Kindle Guilty

  1. pastorjeffcma says:

    OK Scott–now I am not wanting to break fellowship over this issue, but we need to talk. 🙂 You mentioned that the kindle is the best e-reader you have ever owned. What other ones have you owned? Having owned a nook, nook color, and now Ipad (in that order, but only one at a time) I am interested in your thoughts on this. Since I have never owned a kindle I am only going on hearsay, but is it true that only books from Amazon can be put on a kindle? Tone of voice is always an issue online so please understand that I realize in the grander scheme of things this really is no big deal, but I am kind of into the reader thing so I would love to hear your thoughts. By the way, I enjoyed the post and am even kind of glad you brought it up.

    • No need to break fellowship my friend 🙂 I’ve never owned a Nook, but have tried them out at the store. The thing that grabs me about the Kindle is how basic it is and it really feels more like I’m reading a page in a book–no frills and no additional media. No eye strain whatsoever. I’ve owned pda’s & laptops before and downloaded books, and I realize those are probably not much comparison to the modern e-book readers. Just about all my books were downloaded from Amazon, and ,as you know, those are already formatted for Kindle. But I believe there is a way to submit any e-book file to my Kindle account and they will convert it to the Kindle format. A writer friend of mine converted his novel to an e-book and sent me the file and it works fine on my Kindle.

  2. Ed Smith says:

    I’ve used the Nook and the Kindle. The Kindle has vastly better battery life and I find it more pleasant to use. It takes books in various formats. It takes txt files but not ePub; the Nook is the other way around. I’m curious about the new Nook with an
    e-ink touchscreen. It’s lighter than the Kindle and, reportedly, has battery life to equal or beat the Kindle. They originally opted against an e-ink touchscreen because it hurt clarity, so I’m assuming they’ve resolved that problem, but I’d want to actually see one before I believed it.

    One thing I like about the Kindle taking txt files is that I can download and read anything on without conversion. is a nice place I’ve found for all the free classics in pretty much any form: ePub, Kindle, mobipocket, text, etc.

    Scott, since you like the Kindle so much, you should see if you can make your own book available on it. It wasn’t possible when I bought my paperback.


    • I do plan to make it available on Kindle. I could download the pdf file anytime, and I need to try that. A friend of mine downloaded The Guide to his Kindle and says it reads fine. I can also submit it to my Kindle account for conversion, but there may be a small fee involved.

  3. Mildred Aenchbacher says:

    I’m glad your liking your E-book so much. Your Mom has been wanting one for some time. I am going to get her one this Christmas.

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