The Art of Manliness

Time to man up.  I’m pleased to share a website for men, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite.  The Art of Manliness attempts to preserve skills many of us—as men—may be forgetting.  Recently, I listened to a podcast featuring the site’s founder, and he explained his purpose for creating the website.  He had grown tired of popular men’s magazines that seemed to only exploit women, discuss new gadgets or the latest exercise and diet craze.  The Art of Manliness addresses several areas of a man’s life, but true to my blog’s theme, I wanted to share some interesting articles for the outdoorsman.

How to Shoot a Rifle

How to Fell a Tree

How to Wrestle an Alligator

10 Wilderness Survival Lessons from Hatchet

7 Basic Knots Every Man Should Know

Gear Up:  A Man’s Guide to Camping

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife

The Art of Summer Grilling

How to Build a Roaring Campfire

How to Survive a Bear Attack

3 Knots Every Fisherman Should Know

Forecast the Weather Like Daniel Boone

What about you?  What are some skills you think every man should know?

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