Gear Review: Keen Water Sandals

Keen Newports

Nice weather visited Georgia this weekend.  Many are still picking themselves up from the ferocious windstorm that swept through last Monday evening.  Since I work for a utility company, you can imagine my week was very busy.  So, I gladly welcomed some time to get outside and relax.  Saturday, my wife and I decided to grab our Kayaks and do some paddling.  The air temperature has to be pretty warm before I dip my toe and sandals into the cool water.

Speaking of sandals, about three years ago, a fishing buddy introduced me to the Keen water sandal.  Since I fish from Kayaks and a River Hawk boat, I needed a dependable water shoe.  Wading through creeks and walking along boat ramps, I never know what my feet might encounter.  That is why I own the Keen Newport sandal with leather uppers.  This sandal has far exceeded my expectations.  Here are some of the features that standout:

  • They are comfortable and durable.  The original color has faded slightly, but I haven’t noticed any cracking or deterioration of the leather.
  • The rubber outsole offers dependable traction over wet surfaces.
  • Keens come with an antimicrobial / antifungal treatment.  This eliminates foot odor.  I’ve had mine now for three years plus and no odor.
  • The sandal closes around the toes, giving welcome protection.
  • It fits much like a shoe.  Unlike other sandals I’ve tried, it doesn’t feel like it’s about to slip off my foot.
  • Washable and waterproof.

It may seem pricey at $95, but I believe them to be well worth the money.  Check out the Keen website for more information:

Let me know what other outdoor gear you’d like to learn more about.  My goal here is to mainly share about equipment that I’ve personally used and can vouch for.

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4 Responses to Gear Review: Keen Water Sandals

  1. The dawn of Striped Bass fishing is fast approaching and these may be just the thing for the often rocky New England Seacoast!!!!!!!

  2. Most of our guides on the Ocoee River, in Tennessee, wear Keens and they LOVE them! I as an owner push my guides to wear Keens over Chacos for toe protection and also a little more coverage. Also, on the Ocoee there is a lot of times when the River guides have to walk a long ways and it is better for them to be in Keens. Our Ocoee rafting guides do make their own decision on wearing what ever foot wear they want to, but we do get prodeals on Keens!!! Thanks Keen!

    • Dusty … thanks for the comments. I’ve been on the Ocoee a couple of times and the Nantahala a couple of times. Love those rivers and what a great outing with the family!

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