A Walk in the Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park

With spring finely upon us, many will be heading outdoors to camp, fish, geocache or take a gentle stroll in the park.  Most states have a website dedicated to parks.  These sites play an invaluable role for planning that next weekend jaunt.  Below, I list some links for a few southeastern state parks.




North Carolina

South Carolina


Each website will usually give you the following information:

  • Accommodations.
  • Things to do.
  • Local attractions.
  • Event calendar.
  • Fees or prices.
  • Driving directions.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Number to make reservations.

State parks provide so many fun activities for the family.  Most parks are affordable and only a short drive away.  No matter what your age, these outdoor treasures offer a refreshing experience and plant some unforgettable memories.  Don’t forget to take a camera.

I invite you to follow my blog as I continue to share my visits to these wild places of the southeast and sometimes beyond.

How about you?  What parks do you recommend in your corner of the woods?

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5 Responses to A Walk in the Park

  1. Chris Peek says:

    Love going to state parks. Around eastern Virginia, pretty decent hiking trails can be found at York River State Park if you don’t want to drive all the way to the mountains. Pocahontas State Park near Richmond provides many challenging, hilly mountain bike trails. First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach offers a nice reprieve from city life, but it tends to get a little crowded.

    • Chris … The family and I went to visit DC last summer. Coming back, we stopped at Mount Vernon and the Wilderness Battle field. Virginia is a beautiful state. I wished we had time to visit Monticello.

      • Chris Peek says:

        Mt. Vernon is such a beautiful place. It’s been years since I’ve been to Monticello. I need to make a day trip. There’s so much to see here, so come on back anytime!

  2. I found your blog through dk Levick’s blog on Friday. I am blessed to know there are other Christians on this wordpress. I am very new to it but am a Christian & enjoy reading Christian writings. God bless you & keep on writing. There are others out there who appreciate your work. Grace is my name & Grace be with you.

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