Pruning Time

Are there any gardeners out there?  Every season, I call my dad and ask him when it’s okay to prune this plant or that tree.  He’s planted gardens and kept fruit trees all his life, but none of that has rubbed off on me.  However, I thoroughly enjoy eating fresh vegetables from the garden.  I’m attempting to grow tomatoes, egg plants and bell peppers.  I’ll let you know how that’s working out.

God loves to use His own creation to show us some things about ourselves and how He works in and through our lives.  I’d like to share a recent blog post from my pastor Ken Adams.  Hope you enjoy this.  While you are there, check out his website.  Lots of great resources for discipleship.

Maybe you could share how God is pruning your life.

Pruning Time

by Ken Adams

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4 Responses to Pruning Time

  1. Anna says:

    My mom was an avid gardener… and we had an orchard that she kept, they did especially well after someone that knew what they were doing came and pruned. I don’t have the patience and motivation to keep up a garden/flower bed. I have tried, maybe I will eventually grow into it. I hope so as it provides good photo subjects and it’s nice having things you’ve grown. I know I can always call her if i need info on anything garden related though.
    Hope your garden is blessed with plenty this year, I know Goat poop does wonders 😉

  2. Chris Peek says:

    I tried a couple of years ago, but I only managed a couple of cucumbers. I may try again this year. Have you already planted your seeds? If so, I need to get started!

    • Thanks Chris … I sort of follow my dad’s lead. I usually start my plants from seedlings instead of growing from the seed. It may still be a little early for seedlings, but you could start the seeds maybe indoors. I’m waiting to see if we will get some more frosts. However, it is a good time to go ahead and prepare the soil. We love the Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes, Bell Peppers and Egg plants.

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