Eagle Awareness Weekend

My family and I recently spent a wonderful weekend at Lake Guntersville State Park, located in northeast Alabama.  We enjoyed the beauty of the park and learned many interesting facts about eagles and other birds of prey.  Becky Collier from the Coosa River Science School showcased several raptors such as the Peregrine Falcon, the Great Horned Owl, the Barn Owl, the Red-tailed Hawk and the American Bald Eagle.  Her assistants paraded these birds around the room as we snapped photo after photo.

Wildlife biologist Keith Hudson shared how Alabama’s Nongame Wildlife Program went about restoring the nesting eagle population.  They did this through a process known as hacking.  Through this process, juvenile eagles are forced to take their first flight from various locations in Alabama.  They become imprinted on the area and then return when sexually mature to nest.  Thanks to programs like this, the eagle was removed from the Federal Endangered Species list in 2007.  Biologists now estimate there to be about 600 eagles throughout Alabama.

Saturday morning we rose early and joined a group at Town Creek.  It was cold and windy, but we spotted a couple of eagles.  After breakfast, we traveled to Guntersville Dam where we watched 2 eagles caring for their young on a nest about half the size of a Volkswagen Beetle.  A few people brought spotting scopes which easily out performed our binoculars.  It was thrilling to see these eagles in their natural habitat.  The eagle is truly one of God’s most majestic creatures.

Guntersville is a great park and has much to offer the weekend adventurer.  The lodge is impressive.  It felt more like a resort than a typical park lodge.  The room fees are as low as $100 per night and the restaurant produces some wonderful meals.  Our room overlooked the lake with a splendid, panoramic view of the whole valley.  The park’s many outdoor activities includes:  golf, fishing, hiking, and boating.  Click on the following link to discover more about Lake Guntersville State Park:  http://www.alapark.com/lakeguntersville/

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures we took last weekend.  What park have you visited lately?  What will be your next outdoor adventure?

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6 Responses to Eagle Awareness Weekend

  1. pastorjeffcma says:


    What great pictures! In terms of our next outdoor adventure–I wish I knew! 🙂

  2. Thanks Jeff … it was a great weekend and a great place.

  3. Mildred Aenchbacher says:

    These pictures are awesome. I’m glad you got to go even though the weather was rough.

  4. MissBirdlegs in AL says:

    Really enjoyed this post – Guntersville is my hometown, so I’m just a tiny bit prejudiced. Seeing the eagles in the wild is a real thrill and we love the State Park. My father-in-law was the foreman/superintendent of the construction company that built the original lodge & chalets back in the ’70’s. It’s a great place for class or family reunions or just a weekend getaway!

    Shared this on Facebook.

  5. thank you so much for the comments. This was our 2nd visit to the park and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We want to come back this summer to enjoy the lake more and do some hiking.

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