On the Trail Again – Providence Canyon

On our way back from the Frontier Festival in Albany, Georgia, we stopped by Providence Canyon and spent a couple of hours hiking and photographing the canyon.  We hiked the Canyon Loop Trail, about a 2.5 mile trail.  It flows down into the canyon and then snakes back up to hug the rim.  Once in the canyon’s bottom, you can go explore the canyon, following various creek channels.  If you do this, it’s a good idea to wear some Gortex hiking boots or shoes.  We elected to stay on the main loop trail.

We passed by an old homestead site and examined several dilapidated cars which have created new ecosystems for the local wildlife.  Once we reached the canyon’s rim, the cameras flew out of our packs and pockets.  Providence Canyon offers some breathtaking scenery especially near sundown as the fading light illuminates the trademark colors of the soft canyon soil.  I just wanted to get on my knees and worship the God of creation.

After the 2 hour hike, we drove back to the nearby town of Lumpkin and ate lunch at the 4 Way BBQ—great food, by the way.  You can learn more about Providence Canyon and other Southeast destinations by clicking here

Also visit the Georgia State Park’s website:


Here are some of the pictures we took while hiking the canyon rim.  Enjoy!

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7 Responses to On the Trail Again – Providence Canyon

  1. Ron Purvis says:

    Great photos! Have to go there sometime.

  2. thanks Ron … Yeah, we ought to drive down there sometime when we’re at Upatoi. It’s not too far south of Columbus.

  3. pastorjeffcma says:

    Amazing Pictures. Makes me want to be there. Indeed, what a great worship setting.

  4. Thanks Jeff. This really is a very peaceful place.

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