Awaken Oh Night

There is something magical about an early morning turkey hunt or deer hunt.  The woods take on new life as the sun peaks over the horizon; it transforms.  Those early morning hunts inspired me to write a poem.  The dawn also provides a living analogy of the spiritual world.  Someday, Christians will awake to a new world where God is the “sun” and all will be made new.  No more pain, no more death and no more night.  Enjoy.

Awaken Oh Night

by S Scott Johnson

Drowned in darkness, crickets softly call,

Mixing with dew drops, giving pulse to sleeping forest.

My gaze casts up as waning star eyes fall.

The trees begin to yawn, the birds begin their chorus.


The soft, beginning glow, the gray dawn, the sun stirs the east,

Sending out its artistic rays to paint the dark silhouettes,

Bringing forth new finds, for the eye a changing feast.

No one resists, no one doubts and no one objects.


The Barred Owl sounds his startling early song,

Bending and shaking the fabric of the air.

A turkey, a gobbler fairly close, answers back strong.

And then their voices cease, gradually ending the affair.


A new day’s dawning in the twilight as the night music fades.

Surely an invisible Maestro guides this awakening, this growing throng.

His light fills the sky, illuminates the path, and decorates the glades.

Who challenges Him, questions Him or finds any wrong?


The morning offers a spiritual glimpse of glorious things to form,

When evil finally withers and the tears are wiped away.

The Son grows ever, brighter; His beams against the heart gently warm.

Bring it Lord, please bring it – bring the Day.

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7 Responses to Awaken Oh Night

  1. V.V. Denman says:

    Beautiful words, Scott.

  2. Christy Currey says:

    I love it! Make it into a song and we could sing it at church!

  3. “Bring it Lord, please bring it – bring the Day.”

    I have felt this many times. Beautifully written. Only a gifted few of us hunters can put such simplicities into words. And the rest wonder how.

  4. Thanks for the compliment, Rusty. God has a way of inspiring us through the outdoors. In many ways, His Spirit comes more alive while I’m enjoying His wonders.

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