Georgia Hunters for the Hungry

‘Tis the season to give and sportsmen and women are no exception to that endeavor.  Besides being good environmental stewards, sportsmen give generously to the needy.  Almost every state has a program similar to Georgia’s.  Georgia hunters can drop off a deer at several participating processors around the state.  According to the Georgia Wildlife Federation website, 250,000 pounds of venison have been donated since the program’s inception in 1993.

Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry also makes a huge impact on the poor.  Click here to see the founder, Rick Wilson, talk about his inspiration for creating this organization.  For centuries, hunters and farmers have fed the masses.  Today, these two groups form a wonderful alliance.  Not all hunting is recreational.  Farmers suffering from a massive deer population are given special permits to harvest the animal.  Licensed hunters take these deer and donate them to the needy through FHFH.  This great outreach ministry literally saves lives.  It pays for the processing of the deer and coordinates the distribution of the meat.  Click here to discover similar organizations located across the country.

You can make this even more personal.  As a hunter, fisherman or gardener, you can share your harvest anytime.  Perhaps your church knows about a needy family.  Make it a group effort.  Involve your family and/or church small group.  This is a great way to serve our church family and local community

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